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Covid Precautions – please stay at home if you are not feeling well, have a fever, or may have been exposed to Covid19.

  • Masks Required (during hayride portion ONLY)  
  • All Attractions are Outdoor open air
IS The Abandoned Hayride SAFE?

Yes. The Abandoned Hayride is protected by The Carver County Sheriff’s Department and Private Security. Safety is our Top Priority!

What Day should I visit?

The first half of October as well as Friday and Sunday nights are typically much less crowded. Always arrive ASAP!

What does timed ticketing mean?

The time on your ticket is our best guess estimate for when your experience will begin.  You should arrive early in order to be ready at your designated time.  Times are an approximation and may vary greatly.  The Abandoned Hayride will do its best to keep the event moving as quickly as possible and on time.

How long is the Experience?

Approximately 40+ minutes


Print your tickets or simply show them on your phone at the box office.

Age Restrictions?

Recommended for ages 10 and older.   4 and younger not allowed.  Children may not be carried at any portion  nor may they sit on anyone’s lap

Can I go through multiple times?


Will I be Touched.



Due to the nature of our event (cornfield, farm land, woods, etc) The Abandoned Hayride is NOT handicap accessible.

WHY DOES The Abandoned Hayride HAVE THE #1 ATMOSPHERE?

One of the greatest aspects of The Abandoned Hayride is that we have a permanent location. The Abandoned Hayride is secluded just outside the lights of the city in a remote corn field surrounded by an incredible 200 year old FOREST. These trees are not your ordinary trees! They actually look like they are reaching out to grab you. One look at them will send shivers down your spine. This Forest is thick and dense with places guests could easily get lost. There are no sounds from a major highway, and no lights from the city. If it is one compliment we get, it is “This atmosphere is amazing”.

IS The Abandoned Hayride REALLY SCARY?

The Abandoned Hayride is family friendly yet still EXTREMELY Scary. The Abandoned Hayride conducts a hard target search all over the Twin Cities for actors that are Halloween nuts. We bring in actors of all types with varying skills. Our actors don’t consider this a job. Most would come without being paid, even though they are. They come every night because they love scaring the heck out of our guests.

It should also be noted that while The Abandoned Hayride is only RECOMMENDED for ages 10 and older, we are still a terrific family event. We are family friendly, we try our best not to sell tickets to anyone who may be intoxicated, we have police on site, and the park is clean.


At The Abandoned Hayride, the owner, the actors, the technicians, the ticket booth, and even the police, want you to have an incredible experience. If you leave for any reason unhappy, we are not happy. We have a passion for what we do. Our staff is itching over the winter to get back to work building, coming up with new ideas, and making sure you have a blast. We go to conventions, work shops, and specialty stores to come up with new and exciting ways to scare and entertain you. We don’t want you to visit us just once, we want you, your family and friends, to make The Abandoned Hayride a tradition for years to come.

CASH ONLY at the Box Office

We do have an ATM onsite!

Do not enter if you are pregnant, subject to epileptic seizures, asthma, have heart problems, etc.   You may be asked to leave for inappropriate behavior and will not receive a refund.  Police are on site.  During the hayride keep your hands folded and on your lap at all times.  Motion platforms are used in this experience.  Do not enter if you are claustrophobic. Do not touch the actors but they May touch you.  

By purchasing a ticket and entering you agree to ALL our terms and conditions and understand fully the risk involved to guests and their vehicles.  You also agree to take full responsibility for your actions whether intentional or accidental.  The Abandoned Hayride LLC, Black Raven Productions LLC, SSP Holdings, and all of their affiliates may not be held responsible in any case.

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