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Prepare for the Hayride reinvented!  Like no other hayride in the country with all new surprises around every corner for 2024. New sets, scenes, effects and scares!  After being totally Abandoned in the woods, you’ll have to venture on foot through Forsaken, a maze of complete darkness and monsters that lurk where you least expect it.  You’ll then be Exiled, where only you and one other person, if you choose, have to find your way out or be Exiled forever!

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Unlike any other hayride you’ve ever been on. Totally new, totally different, actually scary.
Deep in the depths of the woods, enter this black pit of a haunted house. But it’s not a house at all. It’s a residence for some of the worst forsaken souls. You’ll never go to church again.
Here you will be released into the deep forest…. On your own. With only a small lantern to light your way, you must try to make it out. The darkness is real, as are the creatures of the night.